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One of the most important and most stressful parts of thanksgiving meal planning is… How Much turkey do I need?

What Size Turkey Do I Need?

We are here to help take that stress away and give you enough turkey for your dinner, plus some leftovers for the days after thanksgiving when you crave more turkey!  Below are a few things to think about when it comes time to buy your holiday bird.

Printable Turkey Servings Planner

  • Is your family full of big eaters?
  • How Many Adults versus Kids
  • Are you giving guests any take home food?
  • Do you want leftovers?
    • For how many meals?
    • For how many people?
  • When in doubt, go UP one size to ensure you have enough to feed the crowd
    • Chef’s Tip – Add Extra Side dishes to help slow down the turkey feasting
  • You will yield approximately ½ the weight of your turkey in actual meat
    • Example – 15# Turkey = 7-7.5 # Meat
    • Waste is bones, carcass, skin, neck bone or any other parts you don’t eat
  • If you’re looking to cook for 2-3 people only, consider using a bone in turkey breast, this provides:
    • Better yield = more meat
    • Less waste
    • Less $$$
Turkey WeightsServes: Turkey OnlyServes: Turkey and LeftoversServes: Turkey, Leftovers and To Go Portions
Breast Cage 5-7 #4-6 People4 People2-4 People
8 – 12# (yields 4-6 lb)6-8 People6 People4-6 People
12 – 14# (yields 6-7 lb)8-10 People8 People6-8 People
14 – 18# (yields 7-9 lb)10-14 People10 People8-10 People
18 – 20# (yields 9-10 lb)14-16 People12 People10-12 People
20 – 22# (yields 10-11 lb)16-18 People14 People12-14 People
22- 24# (yields 11-12 lb)18-20 People16 People14-16 People

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