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Old World Christmas Ornaments

Old World Christmas ornaments are a holiday must-have at Downtown Walnut Creek Ace Hardware! These unparalleled pieces have been a customer favorite ever since they first hit our shelves in 2011. Old World Christmas quickly garnered attention after its establishment in 1979 by Tim and Beth Merick. This renowned Christmas brand specializes in mouth-blown, hand painted ornaments, which come in a variety of designs. Aside from the traditional Christmas themed ornaments, their designs branch into careers, family, food, beverages, hobbies, animals, and more! There is truly an ornament for everyone! These make perfect presents for others or oneself! Come to Downtown Walnut Creek Ace Hardware to see over one hundred Old World Christmas ornament designs today!
Check out our small selection of the many Old World Christmas ornaments in store…

Ornaments for Christmas Enthusiasts

Ornaments pictured: Santa’s Milk & Cookies Ornament, Festive Christmas Sweater Ornament, Santa Mug Ornament, Gingerbread Optometrist Ornament, Yule Log Ornament, 2022 Together Again Ornament

Ornaments for Animal & Pet Lovers

Ornaments pictured: Holiday Kitten Ornament, Flamingo Christmas Ornament, Panda Ornament, Hen On Nest Ornament, Sleepy Golden Retriever Ornament

Ornaments for Parents

Ornaments pictured: Best Dad Mug Ornament, Best Mom Mug Ornament

Ornaments for First Christmases

Ornaments pictured: Dreamtime Boy Ornament, Dreamtime Girl Ornament

Ornaments for Hobbies

Ornaments pictured: Gardening Apron Ornament, Red Tennis Racquet Ornament, Golf Bag Ornament, Knitting Yarn Ornament, Cello Ornament, Bowling Ball & Pins Ornament

Ornaments for Careers

Ornaments pictured: Scrubs Ornament, Firefighter’s Coat Ornament, Veterinarian’s Coat Ornament, Doctor’s Coat Ornament, Chef’s Coat Ornament

Bonus - Ornaments for Ace!

Ornaments pictured: Toolbox Ornament, Claw Hammer Ornament, Power Drill Ornament, Level Ornament

Ornaments in pictured: Black Classic Barbecue Ornament, Barbecue Sauce Ornament, Barbecue Ornament

These ornaments sell fast! If you see one you are interested in or are curious about others, give us a call at 925-705-7500 or text us at 925-320-3050!


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