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by The Helpful Hardware Folks

From treasured ornaments to reels of lights, it’s important to store them properly to keep them in shape for years to come. Enjoy these easy tips on the best ways to store your holiday decorations.

How To Store Christmas Decorations


Place your ornaments in sectioned storage containers. These special compartments keep your ornaments or special keepsakes from having too much room from rolling around for the months to come. Consider keeping package materials to help insulate items for added protection.

Christmas Lights

There are many options on how to store Christmas lights, but one of the best ways that also helps you save space is to use a Christmas Light Reel. Reel in your lights to keep them safe and tangle free, it’s a win win!  Place your reels in a storage container for added protection.  Over the months between the holidays the storage container will keep your light bulbs safe from being broken when in storage.

Christmas Tree

The best option for a Christmas Tree it so place a tree storage bag under your Christmas tree and then a tree skirt over it. When the season is over, just remove your tree skirt to grab the bag and pull up.

Christmas Wreath

The welcoming piece to your home is a wreath you love to show off. There are easy and convenient wreath storage containers that will keep your wreath protected from the elements for months to come.

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