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Come Smell The Roses At Downtown Walnut Creek Ace Hardware!

Spring is two months away and now is an excellent time to start planning what you’ll be planting. Downtown Walnut Creek Ace Hardware carries an array of flowers, but our most recent restock of roses is truly a standout. Roses are widely considered the most popular flower in the world, but they are not all alike. There are over 150 species of roses, followed by thousands of hybrids. While we may not be able to offer all of these botanical beauties, at Downtown Walnut Creek Ace we take a special pride in providing an exceptional range of these rose varieties. We currently carry more than forty types of roses, all of which are thoughtfully selected by our garden specialists. With such a large collection we decided to put together a list that highlights some of the most sought-after roses that we sell.

America Rose

The America Rose is ideal for anyone seeking a climbing rose. This coral-pink rose can reach heights of up to fifteen feet! They have a spicy, clove-like fragrance that is prominent but not too strong. Introduced in the 70s, the America Rose quickly became a favorite amidst its climbing rose contenders and is still incredibly popular today.

Barbra Streisand Rose

Our garden associates are frequently asked about the Barbra Streisand Rose, and understandably so. These roses possess a distinctive shade that is often described as lavender or mauve. Their eye-popping color is amplified by the deep green leaves that surround the flower. Adding to the rose’s allure is the captivating scent, as it exudes a notoriously rich combination of rose and citrus blossom. As a passionate rose lover, it is evident why Streisand chose this hybrid to bear her name.

Celestial Night Rose

The deep plum-purple color of the Celestial Night Rose will appear to create a galaxy in your garden. The shade of this rose is known to be incredibly difficult to achieve when breeding, making it an even more impressive addition to any flowerbed. The flower emits a mildly fruity fragrance, noticeable but not overpowering.

Double Delight Rose

The Double Delight Rose presents in a striking red and cream color combination, flaunting vibrant edges of red petals that lead into a cream colored center. The Double Delight Rose has an intensely strong scent, often described as spicy with hints of citrus.

Easy Does It Rose

The Easy Does It Rose is known for a delightful blend of bursting colors, including mango-orange, peach-pink, and ripe apricot. This flower has a fruity scent similar to the fruit-like shades it exhibits, though the fragrance is particularly light.

Julia Child Rose

Similar to the Barbra Streisand Rose, the Julia Child Rose was chosen by Child herself. It is evident that the cook carefully picked this flower, as both its color and scent are food-related. The petals are a delicate light yellow, referred to as butter gold. Meanwhile, the fragrance takes a different direction, emitting a strong spicy scent most comparable to licorice candy.

Ketchup & Mustard Rose

One look at the Ketchup & Mustard Rose and its seemingly odd name will make perfect sense. This distinctive flower has the rich red petals of traditional roses, but with a twist: many petals are, or are combined with, an equally vibrant yellow. Their fragrance is incredibly light, and no, it will not smell like its condiment namesakes.

Neil Diamond Rose

The Neil Diamond Rose is guaranteed to stand out in your garden. The pattern and color are equally striking as a rich pink is interrupted by white stripes. This is another rose that boasts an incredibly strong fragrance, one made up of the standard rose scent combined with sweet overtones.

Over The Moon Rose

An Over The Moon Rose is a particularly delicate shade of warm apricot. The color of these flowers is fairly even and has been likened to the appearance of silk. The scent is just as light as the shade, exuding a very mild fruity fragrance. Overall, the Over The Moon Rose is elegant, alluring, and unimposing.

Scentimental Rose

The Scentimental Rose’s pattern is similar to that of the Neil Diamond Rose. That being said, these roses are described as a red burgundy with a splash or swirl of creamy white. Their eye-catching, artful appearance is complimented by a powerful sweet and spicy fragrance. This rose’s delightful scent is clearly the inspiration behind its name.

Sugar Moon Rose

The Sugar Moon Rose is perfect for white rose lovers. In fact, the shade of this rose has been called the “purest white imaginable”. Moreover, these roses will be surrounded by black-green leaves that further exaggerate that white. The Sugar Moon Rose has an intense scent of classic rose mixed with sweet citrus.

Twilight Zone Rose

The Twilight Zone Rose is an intense, velvety, deep purple. The color is hard to miss, partially due to the multitude of petals (over forty!). The intense shade of these roses is met with an equally intense scent, described as a distinctly lemony-citrus mixed with spicy clove.


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