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ACE Magnolia Home Castle Collection

“I wanted to honor the history of the castle with rich, unique colors that would complement its grand and traditional aesthetic, while still creating a timeless palette for any style of home.”
– Joanna Gaines

The newest Magnolia paint collection is inspired by Joanna and Chip Gaines’s restoration of a castle in Waco, Texas. The remodel was documented as a part of their series, Fixer Upper, with six episodes chronicling their largest project to date. The duo’s renovation routine typically involves catering to clients’ visions. However, they discovered that a different approach would be needed when dealing with the absence of requests in a space full of possibilities.

Conservatory on the ceiling.

The Gaines’ solved this with a historian who described the castle’s previous family and the ways in which they utilized its rooms. The stories quickly became the inspiration that they were seeking. Joanna explained that she used paint to develop each room’s personality. This was an unfamiliar approach and she found it called for shades that she would not normally gravitate toward. From this experience the Castle Collection was formed.

Rosy Pink on the walls.

The collection comprises ten shades, each carefully chosen to embody the restored castle. Joanna describes the colors as ranging from, “warm neutrals to moody accents.” The shades reflect an emphasis on timelessness over trendiness, as she selected colors that she felt would continue to stand out over the years. Some of the names are derived from the rooms they inspired such as Conservatory and Drawing Room. Others are inspired by her personal life. Rosy Pink honors her grandmother Agnes Rose, while Step Stool Green is aptly named after a green step stool Joanna owns.

Castle Cream on the ceiling, crown molding, and walls.

The Castle Collection shades are available at Downtown Walnut Creek Ace Hardware. They can be mixed for interior paint, chalk paint, or trim, door and cabinetry paint. Currently our store does not stock the Magnolia exterior paint, though it can be special ordered either in store or online. Come by today to explore the collection that proves how far color can go!

Step Stool Green
“A lively, deep olive.”

Castle Cream
“A creamy, soft white with a timeless essence.”
“A deep sage with a soft gray undertone.”
“A light beige with a warm, soothing tone.”
“A rich and warm dark charcoal gray.”
Rosy Pink
“A dusty subtle pink with a nostalgic tone.”
Vintage Crown
“An elegant, muted gold.”
Drawing Room
“A soft French gray.”
Moody Fig
“A beautifully saturated burgundy.”
Cottage Grove
“A moody navy infused with a deep green hue.”

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